Common Ide Frustration

Good morning!
I spent last night trying to figure out which Ide would be best in a crossplatform situation.
Let’s clarify my current position:
I’m an enthusiastic visualstudio and xcode user.
I like to work on windows, then port my projects on the mac, update xcode projects and compile them.
For the linux side it’s even easier, I’m recycling the same build script since months and I like to use the terminal (with vim).

Now, I need to work with a friend on some crossplatform projects. My friend hates windows. And vs is something like evil to him.
So, I installed qt-creator, because of its compatibility with vs.
After a while I got it to work. But I noticed that qt is still too buggy to work with medium-big size projects.
Really, I can’t wait 5 minutes just to open the amalgamated!
Anyway, I installed also the vs addin, opened the qt project from vs and tadàààà! Nothing. The generated vs project was incompatible. Aaaaarghh!
Tried it on the mac side. I was unable to compile juce, because of the mixture of obj-c/c++ in the amalgamated.

Ok, step 2. After a qt-creator crash I installed codeblocks.
I like codeblocks. A lot. I imported my projects in a eyeblink, and used the vs compiler.
But… I was unable to build the codeblocks project on the mac.
What can I do? Nothing, because codeblocks is no more under active development.
(well, looks like codeblocks developers are up again these days, we’ll see.)

Step 3. Coffee, cigarette, and eclipse. I know, sun’s ide is written with java. But let’s give it a try.
I found a useful post here to set up a project with juce on eclipse.
After some work I succeeded. Excellent, now I have (also) a project for this Ide!
But the project is set only on linux. Didn’t manage to use it on windows.
Anyway, eclipse is SLOW… so, like qt, opening the amalgamated requires frustration.

Step 4. BED!

Today I’ll try something else (dev cpp, even netbeans…)

The questions are:

  1. what Ide do you guys suggest? I need to have a common project among win, mac and linux.

  2. is there a way to generate makefiles from vs (not vs2003, please, we are in 2010)? I saw something related to the buildlog.html:

  3. is there a way to tell eclipse to use vs compiler?

  4. do you have a working eclipse project template for windows using juce?

  5. do you have a working codeblocks project template for macos using juce?

  6. have you tried to compile juce using qt creator on macos?

Thank you for reading.
Now some coffee.

Well, netbeans is also very slow(i think it’s based on java too) and you would have problem creating applications on Macintosh. So don’t waste time doing it. Why don’t you have different IDE’s for different OS. There are only 3 major OS’es.

Yes, my intention is that.
I will stick to vs and use codeblocks on linux.
On macos I’ll stick to xcode.

Anyway I’d really appreciate if someone could tell me how to setup a juce based project on eclipse (windows).

Check this out.

I will give it a shot, if I get juce working I will revert back. :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m using cdt also (on linux).
Here you can find infos on how to set up a juce project
Go to the end (posts by billstei).
This works on linux.
I tried to do the same thing on windows, but got into problems with the premake/make stuff.
This is why I need help!

I use eclipse with cdt.
I am really happy with it:

  • it is one of the most powerfull ide (code indexing / completition, refactoring and local /remote debugging are excellent)
  • with a “good” computer it is not slow
  • I generally use the amalgamated_template that is not cpu hangry as amalgamated (but you can change performance setting for amalgamated)
  • I can manage multiple configuration (so you can cross compile)

Conclusion: I use a single powerfull IDE on linux. I can debug with all pretty tools as Valgrind, software oscilloscope, virtual midi keyboard, etc. In the same IDE I can crosscompile for Windows and Mac and using VirtualBox I can load windows and try my software also under windows. If I have os specific problem on windows, I can remote debug from eclipse (on linux) my application inside windows virtual machine.

Bpm, could you give me a simple juce-based template project?
I use a hacked version of juce, called juced. Which has a bigger amalgamated!
Thank you!

Hi Bpm,
I would also like to get a juce based template project.

I managed to get Juce to work on Win/Mac/Linux all using eclipse, with a little bit of work. I never used the amalgamated stuff as I prefer to build a static lib. I couldn’t persuade eclipse to build an AU on the Mac, so used XCode for that in the end. I’ve now switched to VC on Windows as MinGW seems a bit out of date and I decided not to try the more up-to-date gcc-for-windows branches with eclipse. So now I only use eclipse (CDT) on Linux, where it seems to work pretty well. Hope this helps you make a decision.

Yes, I came to this conclusion:
Windows: visual studio
MacOs: Xcode
Linux: Eclipse!

So I’ll keep exchanging the source code between platforms, instead of projects.
Maybe it’s time to build an Ide with Juce!
Or maybe we can call the great Bill and ask him to let all microsoft stuff be open source!
(yeah, I’m a bit drunk right now, as I decided to leave forever my school today,
and what I was studying (electronic music) is the most important thing in my life :frowning: )

Right choice. :smiley:

I’ve got a pretty sweet thing going on at the moment:

Main development IDE - Eclipse CDT w/ gcc 4.5.3 / subclipse, eclipse is like vc++ with visual assist x but better; way faster workflow IMO.

  • VC2010 with Intel Compiler BUT the VC project files are references to the source files in my eclipse project, so all I need to do is recompile and all my IPP / VTune / VS debugger is available on the same source. But any major code changes are done in eclipse.

have a look at it works nice with juce and is cross platform

You got me excited for nothing, this thing is a shitpile. Very sparse UI for setting up project settings, the converter from .vcproj is extremely basic, and after squandering a few minutes to set it up, launching the resulting .exe of my codelite generated DspFilters app pronounced “DspFilters.exe is not a valid Win32 application.”

Two thumbs down!

First of all, you should setup some build configuration script. We use Premake, and I think that’s also what Jules uses (
This way you create and customize your script, and then it generates project files for the environment you want, so every developper can work on his editor/os of choice.

At the moment, it supports :

Microsoft Visual Studio 2002-2010, including the Express editions
GNU Make, including Cygwin and MinGW
Apple Xcode
IC#Code SharpDevelop

You got me excited for nothing, this thing is a shitpile. Very sparse UI for setting up project settings, the converter from .vcproj is extremely basic, and after squandering a few minutes to set it up, launching the resulting .exe of my codelite generated DspFilters app pronounced “DspFilters.exe is not a valid Win32 application.”

Two thumbs down![/quote]

i used it had no problems, on windows and linux. never used the vcproj importer cause i never needed it, as far as code editing project handling and linker/compiler flags and configurations it all works, that’s all i need.