Recommendations for IDE under Ubuntu?

I’m new to Juce and programming under Linux, though have experience with C++ and other IDE environments on Windows.

What programs could Juce users recommend for a developing environment under Ubuntu Linux?

I know that Projucer is on the drawing board, but I’m hoping to find something that let’s me build from a source code view now. Also, I’m wondering is there is a source code viewing debugger, with breakpoints and watches, that would be available. I’m asking here because it’s important to find tools that would be compatible with Juce’s multimedia functionality.

I use Geany quite a lot.

There is also debugger plugin which you might find useful:

I’ve successfully used Eclipse + CDT to build small non-GUI Juce projects, but it was a while ago (about Juce 1.50 I think).

[quote=“Rory”]There is also debugger plugin which you might find useful:[/quote]

Wow…if support for a debugger has a to come from a plugin I can only imagine how bad it must be.

I love QtCreator, no one takes that from me. :smiley:
The fact that it’s cross-platform is a big plus. It supports qmake and cmake build systems natively.

plus, it’s Qt, and I love Qt as well… :lol:

QtCreator is a great IDE, that’s for sure. But there is the issue of creating statically linked .exe on Windows.

I still recommend CodeLite.

After trying a lot of IDE:s/editors on Linux in combination with JUCE, I recommend you try NetBeans, if you can spare enough CPU and memory.

Thanks all for the suggestions. I’ve installed Netbeans, after installing Java requirements. It seems quite robust and just the kind of IDE I’d hoped for.