How to merge juce with an existing codeblocks project

I have a large current project using codeblocks as IDE and would like to use Juce with this project to develop audio
and GUI components. (I’m on Debian and have the latest juce sources and dependencies; I’ve compiled using make,
and executed JuceDemo without problems, and liked what I saw.)

Can anyone give me guidance in how apply the Juce sources to an existing codeblocks project?
Or alternatively, how to set up Juce as a codeblocks project (I can then add my existing project to the Juce one).

Sorry, can’t support every IDE, and I have to concentrate on the mainstream ones like Visual Studio!

I don’t use CodeBlocks myself so don’t know anything about it, but I’ve certainly seen posts about it on the forum, so I think people have been using it with juce.

Hi Jules, thx for responding.

Just one last question: which “mainstream” development environment on Linux do you support, aside
from basic makefiles, for which a Juce-based project may be created? If there is none, it would place
questionmark on the cross-platform claim.

There is no single mainstream IDE on linux, which is why the introjucer only creates makefiles.

One could argue that gcc+gdb+make+bash+vim is the “mainstream” development environment for Linux.

Yes, apart from using emacs instead of vim, this is how I often work.

Recently however, I’ve started using NetBeans and find it quite efficient with JUCE + Introjucer, if you can spare a GB or so of RAM…

If there is general interest, I could draft a small guide how to setup NetBeans for JUCE development on Linux. I’m sure there is someone else who could do the same for CodeBlocks.

I use CodeBlocks, it’s pretty nifty. You need to set up your project to use an external Makefile, which their wizard lets you do. It also lets you specify make options (Make=DEBUG, etc.) for each target type.

You then, as I recall, add files manually just so you can track them in the project GUI. Not too bad.

If you already have a project going, you can make a juce library build as a sub-project and use the juce makefile in that, but take a look at changing to an IntroJucer project.


I’ve used codeblocks on ubuntu to import a visual studio 2008 project generated by Introjucer. You’ll need to go into the build options -> compiler settings tab -> #define panel and remove the WIN32 and _WINDOWS lines and replace them with LINUX. Click build and watch it go.

I could never get things to work properly in Code:Blocks trying to import the makefile.