No "Save and Open in IDE" button

Hey there,
I’m trying to start and learn Juce by following this tutorial :
but I can’t see the “Save and Open in IDE” button in the Projucer window?

I have the VST3 SDK and Code::Blocks installed ok.
Any help appreciated, thanks :slight_smile:

EDIT : my bad, didn’t know it was an issue with Code Blocks

There is no “Save and Open in IDE” button for Code::Blocks (or a Makefile, but that’s probably more expected). The problem here is the huge number of different variants of Linux with no unified way of locating an installed program.

If you open your project in Code::Blocks manually (you’ll find the files in the Builds subdirectory) and keep it open, then whenever you save the Project in the Projucer you’ll be prompted to reload the project in Code::Blocks.

ok thanks a lot for your answer. :)I just wanted to check that my installation is ok and that this difference didn’t reflect a bug in my local configuration.