Problem with the save and oppening with IDE button

hello! i’m new in here so i’m sorry in advance if i don’t do something right…
i installed juce and i’m failing at saving and opening in IDE with Code Blocks
the button cannot be pressed. i have the latest versions of both.
i am using windows 10

I almost never use Windows, however, this also happens on Linux when it’s for some reasons not obvious to JUCE where it should look for the IDE. Did you know that you can open the generated project by hand? Just go into your projects folder and look out for the Builds folder. In that folder, all auto-generated projects are placed, you should find a subfolder like CodeBlocksWindows or something similar which contains your Code::Blocks project file. This project file will be created/updated everytime you chose File->Save Project in the Projucer, so better make sure you did that first before you try finding it.

Hope that helps to get you started quickly and maybe there will be some Windows experts round here helping you to get the Button working.

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The Projucer can’t open a Code::Blocks project directly as it doesn’t know where to look for the executable on your disk. However, if you save the project in the Projucer the .cbp file will be located in Builds/CodeBlocksWindows which you can open in Code::Blocks.

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