How to start a Juce Project with Code::Blocks platform

Hello, I recently downloaded Juce not to long ago so I’m pretty new to this. I cant figure out how to create a new project. I know I go to the Create Project Page and create empty project, then you pick you project type and name, pick its location, find the modules folder, but when it comes to picking my target platform, I pick Code::Blocks hit create and it doesn’t let me open IDE? So where do I go from there? I’ve never used Visual Studio beside SQL server2016 but I’ve never programed C or C++ in it. So I really don’t want to use that if I don’t have to, and when I do open it in Visual Studio it says something’s not recognized. Could someone help me?

Brandon Thibeaux

If you’re a beginner then Visual Studio is by far the easiest thing to use…

Presumably you’ve not installed the C++ version of it but if you do, then it’s really as easy as saving the project in the Projucer, then hitting F5 in VS to build and run.

I’ve downloaded Visual Studio Code but now i run into a new problem, how do I compile and run? When i start the program I can save it as Test.cpp and with the c/c++ extension I can save it but there is no button for compile and run.

Visual Studio Code is just a code editor, not a compiler.

You want Visual C++

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Thank you I have Visual Studio set up now. Thank you for your help!

Same problem here. I just can’t figure out how to use the Projucer with Code::Blocks.
Projucer’s “Open in IDE” button is greyed out if Code::Blocks is the only export target. When I manually open the (by saving) created Code::Blocks project file and try to compile it, it fails with complaints about missing declarations in:
and juce_win32_ActiveXComponent.cpp in the same folder.
I’m on Windows 7 and use the latest versions of Juce and Code::Blocks.
Does anyone know what I’m possibly doing wrong here?
As Jules recommended, using Visual Studio everything runs without any problems, but nevertheless I would prefer to stick with Code::Blocks for several reasons. So it would be nice if I could find a solution for that.

We’re just about to release updates to all the exporters. When they appear (on the develop branch) please test and report back here if things are still failing to compile.

Thanks for the reply!
I am not sure about how to use the developer-branch properly. The download contains no executable, so I copied the Projucer.exe (and JUCECompileEngine.dll) from the standard juce-grapefruit-windows download to the unzipped developer folder and launched it. After adjusting the module paths and choosing Code::Blocks as export target, the ‘Open in IDE’ button is still greyed out, and when I open the created project file in Code::Blocks, compiling now fails with 17 errors, all related to several files in the folder:
I’m probably doing it wrong, I guess. If so, could someone point me in the right direction?

The developer branch comes without any binaries. You’ll need to build them yourself. Open the solution file in JUCE/extras/Projucer/Builds/VisualStudio2015.

Can you send us the errors you are getting?