How to add Codeblocks to the exporter list

I just downloaded and opened Juce but I did it before installing CodeBlocks (which I’ve also just done).
Now I tried to create a new GUI application project and CodeBlocks appears to be blocked in the exporters list:

I’d like to know how to add/“unblock” Codeblocks in this list of exporters.
(I tried to delete and download Juce again but it didn’t work and I haven’t found a proper way to uninstall/reinstall Juce).

It’s not “blocked”, it just that the Projucer can’t automatically launch Code::Blocks after you save the project (there’s no standard procedure for installing CB on windows, so the executable could be anywhere on the hard disk).

If you save you project then you can open path\to\NewProject\Builds\CodeBlocksWindows\NewProject.cbp in Code::Blocks.

However, I’d strongly suggest using Visual Studio instead. It’s a much more powerful IDE and much better supported by JUCE. The Code::Blocks exporter is moreof a community effort where the JUCE team relies upon users to report issues. You can get Visual Studio Community edition for free.

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Thanks for the clarifying reply!
I’ll give Visual Studio a try.