Debugger doesn't break on jassertfalse

Hi Jules,

i’m debugging my plugin using the lastet juce from SVN, the xcode debugger doesn’t break.
The assertion will be logged but will not break.
When i remove “if (JUCE_NAMESPACE::juce_isRunningUnderDebugger())” in Platform_defs it works.

It seems to me that JUCE_NAMESPACE::juce_isRunningUnderDebugger()
is undefined ( i know its defined in juce_mac_Threads, but i don’t now why it has no effect )
Maybe someone can confirm this?

#define jassertfalse { juce_LogCurrentAssertion; if (JUCE_NAMESPACE::juce_isRunningUnderDebugger()) juce_breakDebugger; }

#define jassertfalse { juce_LogCurrentAssertion; juce_breakDebugger; }


sounds like it’s just failing to realise that it’s running in the debugger. I’ll take a look when I get a moment, but you could try tracing through the juce_isRunningUnderDebugger method to see where it’s failing.

I confirm it doesn’t break anymore, the juce_isRunningUnderDebugger() method doesn’t return the correct value… something wrong with ptrace…?

FYI, I’ve checked in a fix for this now…