Jassertfalse debug break continuing behaviour (arm)

I like the continuing behaviour of jassertfalse on intel-machines, while on arm the whole process crashes.
This could be easily simulated on arm by setting manually a break point. But jassertfalse is a pure macro, where you can’t set a breakpoint.

Would it be an option improve jassertfalse to call a function-body (or optionally), so it would easy, by setting a breakpoint, and uncommenting one line, to re-enable the old continuing behaviour?

void juce_debugbreak_arm();
  #define JUCE_BREAK_IN_DEBUGGER        { juce_debugbreak_arm(); }

in cpp-file:

void juce_debugbreak_arm()
{    // to enable continuing debug-break, remove next line and set a breakpoint on this line

PS: Or do you know better options?


Have you tried the latest JUCE release?

From last week;

Last week on the master branch or the develop branch? We released JUCE 6.0.8 this week.


Are you sure you’re tried the latest release? If you can’t continue past assertions then there must be something else going on.

@t0m you are right! My mistake! :grimacing:
The break happens on the kill command, and not on the jassert-line like on intel, which caused my confusion.