Debugging AudioPlugin

Hi, I am debugging my audio plugin and I have noticed that processBlock function is not called, I dont know how to make my DAW call that function.

I am using Logic Pro X.

Thanks in advance.

Normally, it should be called automatically as soon as you hit play. Especially in Logic you have to make sure that the track really contains an audio clip, processBlock might only be called if the playhead moves over an active clip.

If that’s the case and you are still not getting any playback, some more information on what exactly you are doing would be needed to help you

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Thanks, when I played an audio clip the function was called.

On the other hand, I am trying to get bpm from currentpositioninfo, so I would like to know if I can get this value in another function (I need this information at starting time of my plugin) and how to know if bpm was updated on DAW to take the new one on my plugin?


Unless you’re using ARA, I don’t think any of the audio SDKs provide that kind of information. Some hosts might not even provide it in currentpositioninfo (not sure about that, though). You need to have a default bpm, and perhaps a way to set it other than via the host, when it’s not available (yet).

We have a switch in one of our plugins that lets the user set the bpm either manually (using, say, 120bpm explicitly) or as a multiplier of the what the host reports (using, say, 3/4 time, which then computes the actual bpm relative to the host’s bpm), and we have an LED that lights to show whether the host is providing that info or not at the moment.

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