Debugging crashing VST plugin

I have written a VST plugin, which I am building as a Linux Makefile target.
I have tried it out with Bitwig, Ardour and the audio plugin host example application that comes with JUCE.
The plugin sporadically crashes with Bitwig and Ardour, but NEVER with the audio plugin host.
I am really desperate. Whenever it would crash with the audio plugin host sample application, I would generate a core file and debug with gdb. But that doesn’t seem to work either with Bitwig or with Ardour. Does any one have an idea how I might be able to debug and spot where my plugin is crashing? I am running out of ideas.
Many thanks

I know that BitWig will run your BST plugin in a separate utility process so you need to attach gdb to that process.

Ardour itself launches from a script internally, so you’d have to launch Ardour first and then find the PID of the actual running process