Debugging an audio plugin


How can I debug a plugin in XCode that is crashing the host? this happens not when I load the plugin but when I attempt to process the audio…

I tried the “Attach to Process” in XCode but I can’t seem to male that work. What I did was I start up my host (currently tried on Audition) and I scan and load the plugin. Then In XCode I go to Attach to Process and pick Audition which is running and I get the message “No launchable executable present at Path”.
What is the way to make this work or if there is another way of debuggin the plugin to know why its making the host crash?

Either run Audition in the debugger from the command-line ( gdb audition ), or add Audition as a Custom Executable to your plug-in project ( XCode / Executables / Add / New Custom Executable ) and then Run / Debug.

Might help others

In XCode 4 this is done via Product > Edit Scheme > Run > Info > Executable.