How to debug a "sandboxed" plugin?

I used to be able to debug plugins directly within a host from Xcode. Now it seems that the plugin Ableton Live loads is not the one in my build folder, but a copy of it. How am I supposed to debug a plugin when Live won’t load the correct one? Any ideas, this is a pita!

p.s. I guess it’s the same with most recent versions of any DAW, it’s not just a Live thing…

I’ve not hit this problem yet, but you can Attach To Process after loading Live which should be simple enough for now?

I’ll try the Attach to Process approach and see if that works. It’ll be tomorrow before I get to try it. Thanks for the reply.

Sure enough, that works fine. I do notice that Bitwig is unusable in this way as I keep hitting assertions. But Live seems to work fine. Thanks again.

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