Debugging for Monterey M1 Crashes

I’m distributing a Plugin online and recently got an email from a user that it crashes on his new M1 with Monterey (previously worked on his old mac). I have sent him an updated Version using the latest Juce updates but that has not resolved the issue and I have no idea how to find this bug if I do not have access to a corresponding testing machine. I have Monterey running on a VM but the whole OS regularly crashes before I can do something meaningful. The machine I am using for compiling Mac plugins does not belong to me and updating it to Monterey would not be optimal.

I am out of ideas on how to resolve that issue so any hints are very much appreciated! And does anybody have an idea if this more likely to be caused by Monterey or the switch to the M1?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Assuming you’re stripping your symbols it’s hard to read much from a crash log sometimes, but if they can provide you with a crash log that you can compare to a symbolcated build it will be much easier to pin down the problem.

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What’s also important is which version of Xcode you’re using I believe.

Also, are you sure you’re building for “Any Mac” rather than “My Mac”?

Not sure what you mean by “My Mac” vs “Any Mac” which means I am probably doing it wrong? In the build settings under Architecture I selected “Standard Architectures (Apple Silicon, Intel)” if that is what you meant?
I am still running Xcode 12.4 so I’ll update and give it a try again

I’m just referring to the options at the top of Xcode, where you can select your build target. There is a menu where you can choose between “Any Mac” and “My Mac”. Should be there in Xcode 12.4

oh wow that was indeed set to “My Mac” thanks so much!