Debugging JUCE types in XCode

I tried without success to add @jimc’s LLDB helper script to be able to debug some JUCE types, I’m not sure what exactly was meant by :

# Don't forget to install the VisualStudio or Xcode debug scripts as
# well.  These ensure that your IDEs debugger displays the contents
# of ValueTrees, Strings and Arrays in a useful way!

Has anyone had any success with this or know some other way to inspect JUCE types when debugging in XCode? (I’m using XCode 9 but could in theory install XCode 10, unfortunately XCode 11 is a no-no with the version of macOS I’m stuck at, thanks Apple…)

Well it was working for me the other day. It should just fire up when opening lldb.

Do any of these answers help?

@jimc Did you ever update the scripts to work with Xcode 10? I had asked about this same thing maybe a year ago in a different thread. I believe you said that you were still using xcode 9 and hadn’t tried your scripts with 10 yet.

I’m just in the process of upgrading! :slight_smile: Let you know!


The funny thing is that it does seem to be loading them into lldb just fine … you can do something like ‘type summary’ and see them there. Need to check out if they are actually workign :slight_smile:

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