Visual Studio Debugger - Natvis file


I've just spent an hour and a half persuading the Visual Studio debugger to display some basic JUCE objects nicely.  It's so bloody handy I think I'd better share it.  I've done Array's, ValueTrees and Var objects so far, which were bloody annoying before.  I'm taking suggestions for any other objects that need decoding while I'm on a roll ... 

I'll pop the magic file on github in a bit...


Cool, thanks for sharing!


Natvis documentation is well worth a read.   It should be compatible with VS2013 and 2015...

Here's the magic file anyway, installation instructions are at the top in a comment:


This is really cool!


Thank you! The first thing I thought about when seeing this feature VS feature was JUCE. I was hoping someone would make an attempt. I wanted to but I completely forgot about it. 


That's great! Didn't know about that feature.


more info on how to use:


You are a beautiful human being.