Updated VS debugger tool to work with new juce::var class

For anyone using the cool juce-toys.natvis from Jim Credland, I just forked it and updated it to work with the changes to the juce::var class in SHA-1: ae1076d01fa7a4ab67c49ca257cf9389b301bf9b. I’ve sent him a pull request, and in the meantime you can grab it from GitHub - cpr2323/juce-toys: Debugging utilities in a JUCE Module, plus NatVis and LLDB customizations

EDIT: it turns out juce_var was updated more than once, and my changes do not track the head necessarily. Jim and I are trying to figure out the best way to deliver something that can work with multiple juce versions, or, sad face, multiple versions of juce-toys.natvis for different versions of JUCE