Default scheme issue after exporting from Projucer 6.0.1

After exporting from Projucer into Xcode, the default selected scheme appears to be random. Shouldn’t it default to the “All” scheme? This bites me on the ass a lot, causing code changes I make to not be visible in my DAW, and makes me go back and forth trying to find out what the heck went wrong and why my changes aren’t doing anything, only to find out I was building only for AU or Stand-Alone, and not All, so my VST or AAX or AU build isn’t being performed at all.

It’s far too easy to miss that fact, and waste time trying to get changes to the code to actually work, when the solution is to select the “All” scheme before building.

Shouldn’t that be the default when exporting to Xcode?

BTW, this only happens when I trash the Builds folder and re-export.

Unfortunately this isn’t something that we can control from the Projucer. It seems to be determined by the SchemeUserState dictionary entry in the xcschememanagement.plist file located in [YourApp].xcodeproj/xcuserdata/[YourUsername].xcuserdatad/xcschemes/ but attempting to write or modify this file to order the schemes in a more useful manner doesn’t work. I’m pretty sure it used to work in an older version of Xcode but in the latest versions at least it seems to be non-deterministic.

Oh, ok. Bummer. Thanks, anyway.