Demoplugin does not load in Logic Pro 9

The audio unit passes auval and will load into REAPER, Logic Pro X, etc… but not Logic Pro 9.

Other current commercial audio unit components seem to include a *.rsrc file, but JUCE 4.2.1 does not create this by default. Is this the problem ? Is there a solution ?

FYI: I’m running Logic Pro 9 in 32-bit mode and testing in auval with the -32 flag…

It was indeed the *.rsrc file that Logic Pro 9 was looking for.
JUCE 4 does not create this file by default.
If anyone can point me toward a JUCE 4 solution, I’d be most appreciative.


Using JUCE 3, I got my plug-in to compile after several tweaks and hacks(?).
This created the *.rsrc file and a plug-in Logic Pro 9 would use.

Afterward, I imported the *.rsrc file into my JUCE 4 project so that it would be copied into my plug-in’s resource folder. The resulting plug-in passes auval and Logic Pro 9’s extended auval as well.

This is clearly a hack - and likely to come back and bite me. I’ll do some more testing and report back…

… still looking for a solid JUCE 4 ( only ) solution.

Did you test this on the latest tip on the develop branch? Also, after switching to the develop branch you’ll need to recompile the projucer, re-save your jucer project and recompile your project.