DemoRunner sound issues

Hi, I have build the Demorunner example project via the makefile but I have terrible sound issues

These are the default settings

the sample rate and block size are the same as in my DAW but I am hearing an awful glitchy playback from the examples. When I increase the block size to a ridiculously large value the sound is fine but obviously something is wrong here.

Anyone else had a similar issue?

If not otherwise specified, the makefile will default to using the ‘Debug’ configuration, which will have considerably worse performance than the ‘Release’ configuration.

Try cleaning and rebuilding in Release mode:

make clean
make CONFIG=Release -j

Thanks, thats a good point, noted

I think I was being an idiot because my inputs were set to outputs and there was probably some kind of digital FB loop going on. Setting inputs to “none” solved the issue in debug or release forms.

Hello again.

When I use “make” everything compiles as expected but when I use make CONFIG-release it wont compile. I get the following:

this occurs when I start a completely new project and dont touch any source files or when I try on any of my projects.

Please can you list the exact steps you’ve tried?

The following works for me:

  • Open Projucer
  • Click File > New Project…
  • Select a GUI Project, enter a name, click “Create Project…”
  • Save the project and exit Projucer
  • Navigate to the project’s Builds/LinuxMakefile folder
  • Run make CONFIG=Release -j

Note that Release begins with an upper-case letter. You might get errors if you pass release, for example.

oh wow thats all it was. The case!

Thanks, I was going nuts