Deselecting ComboBox in the UI?

Apologies if this has already been answered before, but I’m a little confused about the setTextWhenNothingSelected method and how that interacts with item list contents.

Let’s say I have a ComboBox representing modulation destinations for an LFO, and one of the options is “None”, meaning none of the above. Is there a way to make that item “deselect” so that the ComboBox defaults back to whatever it’s configured to display when nothing is selected? My naive approach was to make the item list offset from 0, so that the first item in my list corresponds to that state, but obviously that’s not allowed. Is ComboBox simply designed to never end up in the deselected state once something’s been selected, or am I missing something obvious here?

thanks in advance,


For others who end up on this thread … There doesn’t seem to be an explicit method to do this. This works though: