Desktop application front-end (Win/Mac) with Juce - Looking for a freelancer!

Hi all,
I have a ObjC/Cocoa application with a medium-sized user base (through the Mac AppStore) which I want to port entirely to Juce.

The back-end of the app (model and business logic) is already implemented in separate C++ libraries. The project will then include only the development of a front-end in C++/Juce (cross platform, Mac/Win) and its binding to the back-end.

The app UI is fancy enough so I’m looking for a freelancer with some skills in design (customization of basic controls, colors, etc). The amount of work required is to be determined together with the scope of the project (can vary from consultancy for developing the UI for the app to developing the whole app front-end up until the release day).

I will release further information to “interesting” repliers ;)


Hello, your project seems easy, can you provide me an email where i can contact you?

Cheers !