Detect stop (or end of loop) in AudioSuite?

Is there a way to detect the end of processing in AudioSuite (or to detect the end of the loop)? My code is recording some data while Previewing, and I need it to stop recording and finalize the data when the Preview ends (or it loops back), but I don’t see anything happening that allows my code to know the Preview has ended.

IN my pre-JUCE code, I used the AAX_CHostProcessor class to handle detecting the loop bounds (and to apply delay compensation properly), but that’s not part of JUCE, apparently. Do I have to modify my JUCE SDK to add that class, or is there another way to detect the end of the Preview loop?


We’ve got latest develop branch with our addition of the CHostProcessor.
It’s been used for few years within our products. (and we know of additional companies using the Sound Radix branch).

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