Access region in AudioSuite/AAX

My understanding is, that JUCE plugins can run in AudioSuite mode as well.
Is there a way to access the region where the effect is applied to?
I want to automatically create a sweep of one parameter from beginning to the end of the region, so the sweep covers the whole region.
Is that possible in vanilla JUCE?
If not, did anybody achieve this with patching JUCE?

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There are 2 AudioSuite modes : the traditional one that can randomly access/process the region audio, get the length of the region etc and “AAX wrapped in AudioSuite” mode that just offline processes through the wrapped AAX plugin. Official Juce allows supporting the latter mode, but not the first one. There has been at least one fork of Juce around that supports the full traditional offline AudioSuite mode.

I wonder, though, if by chance, this might return the region start and end times when in the AAX wrapped as AudioSuite mode? :

Indeed. You can make CHostProcessor / random-access AAX AudioSuite plugins using SR’s branch. Auto-Align Post was initially available only as AudioSuite.

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I was hoping to find something in AudioPlayhead, I vaguely remembered some editInPoint and editOutPoint, but I must have dreamed that up, or I saw it somewhere else.
LoopPoints could indeed be repurposed for that, but I doubt it. I guess I’ll have to create a test plugin and see for myself.

Great, I am aware of your branch.

Could you give some entry points where I should be looking? First which branch at all? And which class/function?

And did you integrate with the latest develop already? I just got rid of the AAXLibrary build step last week :grin:

See here: AAX_CHostProcessor support - #4 by ttg

Our main branch tracks develop and is updated (3816b095a8b is last merged commit)


Awesome, thank you for the quick reply!

I’ll dig in and with question I’ll stick to the thread you linked above.

Again thank you for all the work and for making it public.

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