Was AudioSuite support quietly added to Juce?

Hi all,


For the past several years, I have let customers know that my plugins don't support AudioSuite, as the Juce wrapper didn't have support for it. A few days ago, I found out that 2 of my AAX betas run just fine in AudioSuite. Was the AAX wrapper changed in the past several months to support AudioSuite? If so, THANK YOU, Jules! (and you should proudly announce this on the forum!!!!)

Sean Costello

I didn't do anything explicitly to do that, so I guess it's just something that happens for free with the AAX API.. Great to hear that it works!

I hadn’t noticed that either… I’ll need to figure out how to not have my synth PI listed as an AS plugin.



Okay, with AAX…

So in the AAX createDescriptor() if you don’t want an AudioSuite version then we need to not compile the line

properties->AddProperty (AAX_eProperty_PlugInID_AudioSuite, 'jyaa' + channelConfigIndex);

I’d suggest we have something in AppConfig.h which we can define to enable/disable this line of code.



It looks like the line


properties->AddProperty (AAX_eProperty_PlugInID_AudioSuite, 'jyaa' + channelConfigIndex);

was added sometime during the Juce 3.0.5 version. The 2 plugins that were working in AudioSuite for me had this line in the AAX wrapper. I compiled 3 other plugins with this revision of Juce, and they all are running as AudioSuite in AAX! This is going to make my customers VERY happy! Thanks for adding this!


Sean Costello

Thanks - I've added a flag JucePlugin_AAXDisableAudioSuite which you can set to 1 if you want to remove that line.

Yes, it was added quite a while ago. I had a patch for AudioSuite support and was pleased to find the same line in JUCE at some point in time. I also sent Jules two additional Pro Tools related improvements that he kindly included. That first is colour highlighting when commands are being automated (you'll need to override the setControlHighlight method in AudioProcessorEditor) and the other is support for the automation menu short cut (Ctrl+Alt+Cmd / Ctrl+Win+Alt). You'll need to override the getControlParameterIndex in AudioProcessorEditor for the latter.