AAX Analyze

Hey, how can I add the analyze button and process (like Nugen LMCorrect or the “learn” button on RX Ambience Match) to my AAX plugin using JUCE AAX wrapper?
Is it possible? Is it worth the effort?

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As far as I know, the JUCE AAX wrapper does not support the AudioSuite style functions since those are not available directly with the other plugin formats like VST or AU. JUCE mostly provides features that are common to all the supported plugin formats.

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Thanks Xenakios, I got you. But I don’t understand why does the render button work if I open my plugin in Audiosuite. It requires to override the AAX RenderAudio function, but it is not implemented by JUCE. If I could understand why it works, maybe I could apply the logic to the AAX AnalyzeAudio function… maybe

The AudioSuite feature in ProTools was changed at some point to allow AAX plugins to be used with AudioSuite and JUCE supports that. But it’s only for doing the same kind of audio processing you do in real time too. (I should have written above “JUCE does not support the AudioSuite specific functions like reading audio directly in an offline manner from the files selected in ProTools”.)

You could of course attempt to change the JUCE AAX wrapper code to allow to do what you want to do. But even if someone knew (I don’t) how to do that, it couldn’t be discussed because of the AAX licensing limitations.


You might be interested in this :wink: :


Yep, it is exactly what I was looking for. I implemented their modded modules and work fine. So thank you so much and thank Sound Radix.

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I’m a beginner in your exact situation. I know this was ages ago, but how did you import the SoundRadix to your project? E.G did you have to override the existing juce_AAX_Wrapper.cpp ? I’ve never imported a library, the fact that Sound Radix is not ‘new files’ but instead ‘modified existing JUCE files’ makes me worried about messing up the default JUCE files.

If you could provide some guidance I’d be super grateful :slight_smile:

Hi @voluntaryzonkey, as you’ve also PMed me I’ll answer you privately but it feels you’ve missed the idea of forking and branches of GIT version control.
I’ll provide deeper explanation as a PM which is more suitable.

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