AAX thoughts?

Hey guys,

I’m finally about to start beta testing my instrument plugin for Mac (AU & VST) and Windows (VST) and was thinking about adding AAX to the list. I’ve never looked into the differences for AAX and I’m sure JUCE makes it a little easier, but I’m wondering if any of you could share your experiences.

Thanks everyone.

PS - It was great running into Jules at NAMM. Very friendly and quite awesome.

Well, the benefit of using JUCE is that Jules and co. take care of all the weird host and plugin format-specific idiosyncrasies so we don’t have to - from my understanding it should “just work” to add AAX support, with some minor modifications to add AAX-specific features like the newly implemented gain reduction meter.

The hard part, from what I’ve seen/read, is wrestling your way into the Avid developer program. If you’re already shipping plugins for other formats, however, it shouldn’t be super difficult to get the SDK.

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