Import clip into AAX Plug-In

Hi there,
I have a precise question about Pro Tools and AAX.
I would make a iZotope’s Connect like plug-in to send clips form PT to my own software.
Where do I have to start to import a clip into my AAX Plug-In(AudioSuite)?

Thank you!

Did you manage to implement this? It should be pretty straight forward, but I’m not sure how to get Pro Tools to show the “Send” button.

JUCE is wrappers tries to keeping a common ground to all formats.

You should ask on the Avid forum or modify the AAX wrapper.
There’s a different interface for AudioSuite that includes AnalyzeAudio methods for doing things before actual process.


  • JUCE currently won’t do AudioSuite differently than Native AAX.
  • You need to add the missing pieces yourself as of now.

Thanks! Yes, I was hoping for an “analysis mode” flag, but it seems as if I need to implement a “Host Processor” for offline analysis and rendering. It’s probably easier to skip JUCE for this – it doesn’t need a fancy UI anyway.