Non Realtime AAX plugin example?


I have an AAX juce plugin that is working in realtime mode, but I haven’t figured out how to get it working as a non-realtime audiosuite plugin. I got the latest Juce git yesterday and see changes in the juce_AAX_wrapper that appear to support this but haven’t quite figured out the key to get it working in both realtime and non-realtime modes.

Are there any examples of how to do this in Juce?


I’m using the 2.0.1 AAX SDK and Pro Tools 11 for testing.


I found my problem, it was a missing call to AddProperty(AAX_eProperty_PlugInID_AudioSuite, pluginID).

Still having issues. My plugin doesn’t know that it’s running as an audiosuite, so it appears I’m not getting the AAX_eNotificationEvent_EnteringOfflineMode notification. Am I correct in assuming that Pro Tools sends that notification to tell me whether it’s starting as an audiosuite plugin or not?