Detecting instantiation as non-realtime plugin (AAX AudioSuite)?

Hey folks,

we ran into an issue with a plugin where one mode requires timeline info to work, but this is not present/updated in AudioSuite processing. Right now, we completely disable AudioSuite, but the other modes of our plugin would function and be well suited to AudioSuite operation, so I wanted to simply disable the things that don’t work in the GUI when instantiated in AudioSuite. As it turns out, calling AudioProcessor::isNonRealtime upon instantiation does not return the correct value (if I’m reading the doc correctly it should only return true while an actual render is taking place).

Is there any other way to detect if we’re being run (preferrably instantiated, as I could just change my GUI initialization during instantiation) as an AudioSuite effect?


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Thank you @ed95, that’s precisely what I was looking for.

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