AAX isInAudioSuite returns true for Synth in PT 11.3.2

In the AAX Wrapper the addition of lines 1649 through 1668 causes my Multi-Out not to work in Pro Tools 11.3.2 since isInAudioSuite() appears to always return true (for my Synth plug-in) on Windows.

            if (isInAudioSuite())
                // AudioSuite doesnt support multiple output buses
                for (int i = 1; i < newLayout.outputBuses.size(); ++i)
                    newLayout.outputBuses.getReference (i) = AudioChannelSet::disabled();

                if (! audioProcessor.checkBusesLayoutSupported (newLayout))
                    // your plug-in needs to support a single output bus if running in AudioSuite

                    if (isPrepared)
                        isPrepared = false;

                    return AAX_ERROR_UNIMPLEMENTED;

This code works fine in later versions of Pro Tools.

Since my plug-in is a Synth and I have it not available as an AudioSuite plug-in I’ll put

 #if ! JucePlugin_AAXDisableAudioSuite

guards around this code… but others may not have that option.

I’m reporting this so if anyone gets a bug report from their users they’ll know what the issue is.



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Is this a bug in Pro Tools? I can’t see anything in the documentation for that method indicating that it would return true in that case, all it says is “Returns true for AudioSuite instances”…

It must be a Pro Tools bug in 11.3.2… GetIsAudioSuite() returns the correct value in Pro Tools 12 and later.

I’m sure it wasn’t noticed when there were more PT 11.3.2 users because it was prior to this commit:

Hard to tell your customer to upgrade his DAW though.