juce::AudioPlayHead returning 0.0 for positional data in AudioSuite

I have a tremolo plugin and the LFO modulation can be sync’d to the time in a project. This is done using juce::AudioPlayHead::PositionInfo(). It works everywhere I have tested it, except in one place : ProTools AudioSuite. I have no AudioSuite specific needs, so according to this post AAX wrapped in AudioSuite, I should be fine.

When in debugging in AudioSuite juce::AudioPlayHead::PositionInfo() returns the optionals for bpm, ppq, timeInSeconds and timeInSamples. The bpm is always 120 bpm and all the positional information is 0.0. This means that syncing isnt possible. How do I get the position (either through the selected clip/clips in AudioSuite or of the overall project, either would be fine) to fix this?