Developer Needed for Audio Control Device

Looking for a UX/UI programmer to assist in developing a multi-touch audio control device. The work entails the implementation of graphical elements such as knobs, buttons, and sliders; devising unique and innovative ways for software to integrate with and control digital audio workstations; and implementation of a multi-touch control surface.

• Implementation of graphical designs into a functional UI.
• Implementation of multi-touch functionality.
• Maintenance and organization of the code base and code repository.
• Research and development of control protocols and UX/UI approaches.
• Product packaging (generating installers).
• JUCE related maintenance of the code base.

• Proficient in C++.
• Prior experience in developing UX/UI.
• Team worker.
• Independent, trustworthy, and responsible.

• Experience with the JUCE API
• Experience with cross-platform and cross-DAW development
• Experience with Git.

General Conditions:
• Work is done at-home/remotely with flexible hours.

To apply, please send an email to