Developer Needed for VST Instrument / Sampler

Hello all,
I am looking for a JUCE developer for a new VST Instrument that I will be launching with my subscription audio sample site very soon. This will be contract work initially.
The VST instrument is simply a sampler - Playing audio samples that I have designed via MIDI keyboard or with the MIDI piano roll in the user’s DAW of choice. It would contain 5-8 FX knobs as well. MAC & Win op systems. Ableton Live 10, FL Studio, Studio One, Logic Pro preferred DAW compatibility.

I initially built it on my own within the KONTAKT framework, but I would like it to be in VST format instead.
My plans are to release a new VST on the site every quarter this year (once every 3 months). So there would be future work available.
Please contact me with any questions, & I can provide more details regarding the specs. Thanks!

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