Looking for VST Developer for drum sample playback

I’m looking for a programmer to develop a VST along the lines of EZDrummer (http://www.toontrack.com/products.asp?item=7).

I already have graphic designer on-board so it will be programming only.

VST should be Multi output (12-16) and focussed towards speed as it will need to be triggered live. I will need two versions, a standalone and one which can be loaded within a DAW host.

At this point I wouldn’t need a built-in groove editor but the standalone should have the ability to load a mp3/wav file to play along with.

I’m not a programmer so it’s difficult for me to describe the technical side, but it should be pretty to visualise from the link provided.

I need a beta by March/April 2012, with final release ready for product launch on July 2012.

PM me for a more detailed specification.