Developer Wanted for Reverb Plugin

Hey fellow Jucers

I’m the founder and & sole developer at Audible Genius. I created Syntorial ( a couple years ago and am now expanding into audio effects.

I’m looking for a programmer to create our Algorithmic Reverb. The GUI and plugin architecture are already built and running, using JUCE 4. I need a DSP programmer to code the reverb algorithm itself, with a specific set of parameters (mix, time, etc) that I’ve already determined.

I tried using JUCE’s Reverb class, but it's based off Freeverb, which uses the Schroeder-Moorer algorithm. So it has an overly-metallic, artifical sound. I’m looking for a higher quality, more natural sounding reverb that doesn’t use JUCE’s Reverb class. A great example is 2CAudio Breeze

The main requirement here is experience programming audio effects in C++. Schedule is flexible, so if you’re looking for side work on nights and weekends, I’m ok with that. And while I only need one plugin now, I’ll need more in the future, so there’s a possibility for more projects down the line.

Please PM to discuss and get more details.