deviceManager - minimum number of inputs needed

If I initialise the device manager with 0 as numInputChannelsNeeded,
then it’s not possible to set any input using the combo box of AudioDeviceSelectorComponent.

You can reproduce it in the Juce Demo by changing the initialization in AudioDemoTabComponent.cpp to :

deviceManager.initialise (0, 2, 0, true, String::empty, 0);

What am I missing here?

If you tell it that you don’t need any input channels, then why would it offer you the chance to pick an input?

the doc says numInputChannelsNeeded is "a minimum number of input channels needed by your app"
the minimum number of input needed by my app is 0, but I want to be able to pick an input after initialization.
Doesn’t it make sense?
maybe the doc should say “maximum”?

hum. I guess I should use preferredSetupOptions to indicate that I don’t want any inputChannels by default?