Selecting a subset of channels from the input/output devices in GUI Application

Hello Jucers,
I’m tinkering with an example of JUCE’s GUI Application and having some trouble doing something that I assume should be doable. Say my app uses a 6-channel device as input and a 6-channel device as output. For both the input and output device, I was wondering if there’s a way to programmatically decide to enable only 5 of the 6 channels; more specifically, if I’d like to enable only channels 0,1,2,3,5 of both devices (i.e. skipping channel 4). Something like what I can manually do through the AudioDeviceSelectorComponent (the de-selected channels are Input and Output 5 in the image cause the numbering starts at 1)

Considering deviceManager being an instance of AudioDeviceManager defined in AudioAppComponent, currentAudioSetup defined as follows

AudioDeviceManager::AudioDeviceSetup currentAudioSetup;

and since setting some fields of currentAudioSetup (inputDeviceName, outputDeviceName, bufferSize, sampleRate) like in the code below does work, I was hoping that assigning my channel configuration to the fields inputChannels and outputChannels of currentAudioSetup, i.e.

currentAudioSetup.inputDeviceName = "JUCE_in_device";
currentAudioSetup.outputDeviceName = "JUCE_out_device";
currentAudioSetup.bufferSize = currBuffSize;
currentAudioSetup.sampleRate = currSampleRate;
currentAudioSetup.inputChannels = 101111;
currentAudioSetup.outputChannels = 101111;
deviceManager.initialise (currInChannelNum, currOutChannelNum, nullptr , true , {} , &currentAudioSetup);

would work but it doesn’t seem to have an effect.
Any idea of what I’m doing wrong?