Dialog window problem

ok, haven’t updated my juce files for a while. just downloaded v1.29 (i was using1.23 i think)

I seem to be having some windowing issues. My dialogwindow derived class doesn’t have a title anymore, and Escape doesn’t close the application (in fact the closeButtonPressed method isn’t even called)
I compared my code to the Demo code, and it looks like i’m doing everything right…
Am i being a dumbass? or is there something i need to do differently now?

(Also, my openglcomponent derived component doesn’t seem to be picking up keypresses, but i haven’t looked into this much yet)

Well DialogWindow hasn’t changed much, and does have a title bar, and I can’t think how you’d get rid of its title bar unless you’re using some of the ResizableWindow border methods like getBorderThickness, getContentComponentBorder?

hmmm… i’ll have another look tomorrow. the title bar is still there- its the text that was in it that has disappeared…

Well if it’s just the text that’s missing, then you’re probably just not setting its name.

found out the problem - i had overriden the resized() method, without calling the base. For some reason, it seems that used to work fine, but now it apprently doesn’t. Anyway, called the base method, and it fixes all my problems (including the not exiting on pressing Escape)
Cheers for the help.

Probably because JUCE recently (for you!) introduced the DocumentWindow class as a subclass of ResizableWindow… and DialogWindow is now a subclass of that…

Glad you’ve got it figured out!