Mouse Pos oddness

I took the basic hello world example and switched the Component used as the background to a DialogWindow:

I then set the constructor thus:

HelloWorldWindow() : DialogWindow (T("Weeee!!"), Colour(0xFFFFFF00), false)

This gives me a window with an X to close it.

I called setResizeable (true), and I disabled the mouse event handler that closes the window.

Now when I use the left mouse to move the window, or attempt to resize the window, it jumps as if I had clicked in the top left corner ot the application.

I doesn’t seem intuitive that I should need to write specific mouse handlers for an automatic window move/resize operation. I’m guessing I made a newbie mistake, but I’m wondering if anyone else can confirm this or throw a clue my way.

I should add that if you disable the mouse event, you’ll be wanting to override the closeButtonPressed function so that the application can even close out.


  void closeButtonPressed ()

in the public area of the HelloWorldWindow class.

I think you’ll need to write your own “title bar” into each window… JUCE doesnt seem like it’s meant specifically to use windows UI elements as you’re trying.

You’ve probably left the mouseDown() method in there… it’s used by DialogWindow for mouse-drag, etc. so if you override it, things will go wrong.

Read the DialogWindow docs - it does have its own titlebar, but you mustn’t override any of its paint/mouse methods - you just give it another component to use as its contents-panel.

Sorry I forgot to update this thread. I’d already worked out what I was doing wrong. :oops: