DialogWindow position with options structure

I am using the options structure to open a window with an AudioSetupComponent in it. It works fine except that I can't seem to be able to position the window where I want. I am assuming it draws the window around the component so I tried to setBound or to setTopLeftPosition the audioSetupComp but that does not seem to work. Any hint ?

    DialogWindow::LaunchOptions options;
    options.dialogTitle                   = "Select AUDIO & MIDI hardware";
    options.dialogBackgroundColour        = Colour (0xFFFFFFFF);
    options.escapeKeyTriggersCloseButton  = false;
    options.useNativeTitleBar             = true;
    options.resizable                     = false;

The idea is that you allow the DialogWindow to position itself, though if you really need to tweak it, launchAsync actually returns the window, so you can do whatever you like to its position.

That works.

Thanks !