DialogWindow will not center on Audio Plugin main window

Surprisingly, I can’t seem to find an answer for this. I have an audio plugin and I want to display a dialog with a custom component. I am using DialogWindow::LaunchOptions. I want to have the dialog box open centered on my plugin main editor. The componentToCentreAround field implies I can have the window centered around any component. I can’t seem to make it work setting that equal to my AudioProcessorEditor. Instead, the dialog is always centered on my computer monitor. I was thinking possibly that componentToCentreAround must be a Window class, or a TopLevelWindow, but experiments with that did not work either. Any ideas?

My apologies…I found the problem minutes after I posted. The problem is my last two lines.

        DialogWindow::LaunchOptions options;
        OptionalScopedPointer<Component> ptr((Component *) &settings, false);
        options.content = ptr;
        Rectangle<int> area(0, 0, 350, 350);
        options.content->setSize(area.getWidth(), area.getHeight());
        options.dialogTitle = "Settings";
        options.componentToCentreAround = this;
        options.dialogBackgroundColour = findColour(ResizableWindow::backgroundColourId);
        options.escapeKeyTriggersCloseButton = true;
        options.useNativeTitleBar = true;
        options.resizable = false;
        auto dialogWindow = options.launchAsync();
        if (dialogWindow != nullptr)
            dialogWindow->centreWithSize(area.getWidth(), area.getHeight());