showInDialogBox parent

In my plugin I can open the prefs dialog in the center of my plugin Window using componentToCentreAround but if Pro Tools is hidden the dialog stays on top and isn’t hidden along with Pro Tools… I’m looking through the JUCE code but not seeing a method to set the DialogWindow parent to my plugin (yet)…

void CPrefsDlg::showInDialogBox (const String& dialogTitle, int dialogWidth, int dialogHeight, const Colour& backgroundColour)
    setSize (dialogWidth, dialogHeight);
    DialogWindow::LaunchOptions o;
    o.content.setNonOwned (this);
    o.dialogTitle                   = dialogTitle;
    o.dialogBackgroundColour        = backgroundColour;
    o.escapeKeyTriggersCloseButton  = false;
    o.useNativeTitleBar             = false;
    o.resizable                     = false;
    o.componentToCentreAround       = (Component*)m_pParent;

A push in the right direction would be appreciated…