Difference between samples per block and buffer size

What is the difference between the samples per block value in the prepareToPlay function and the size of the buffer that is passed to the processBlock function?. I thought both where the same but on Fl Studio I get different values and I’m getting insane cpu values because of this.

The one in prepareToPlay is an upper limit, so you can allocate enough space. Always work with the actual one in processBlock…

Thanks! for the response! But I was debugging and I also discovered another issue, Fl Studio uses multiple block sizes that spike the cpu use.

To measure CPU usage, you should a) use a release build and b) use a profiler, not the overall meter… it is a rough number for a start, but to actually trim your code, there is no way around the profiler and measuring the release build (XCode Instruments e.g.)

Sorry if I got you wrong, but since you said debugging, I was assuming you are looking at a debug build…

Thank you, and yes I was using a debug build! I’ll try that