ProcessBlock block sizes

Can I assume that the input and output AudioSampleBuffers are the same size (same number of samples)? What is the relation between the ‘samplesPerBlock’ parameter of the PrepareToPlay method and the size of the buffers sent to ProcessBlock?

Yes, the two buffers will be the same size. The value passed to prepareToPlay is the predicted average size - just really there to help you pre-allocate buffers, but nothing is guaranteed about it.

(actually, all of these questions are already explained in the comments for the process method…)

Sorry about that. I did RTFM, but the manual doesn’t have the plugin stuff in it. I’ve been using the compiled help for Juce and the demo app for reference and apparently neglected to look at the audio header files. Is there a compiled help file for the audio stuff too?

Good point - I’ll see if I can add the plugin stuff to my doxygen script…