Different Bundle ID by target in CMake project

I’m building plugins for Mac (and Windows/Linux) using the CMake interface. When it comes to packaging with productbuild, it demands that multiple bundles inside the same package must have distinct bundle IDs.

It is fairly common in the plugin world to include both an AU and a VST(3) in the same installer, so that you’re installing something that is compatible with as many hosts as possible.

I notice in JUCEUtils.cmake JUCE/JUCEUtils.cmake at master · juce-framework/JUCE · GitHub there is an exception for AUv3 to append a bundle identifier, and am wondering if this can be generalised to (optionally) append the plugin type to the bundle ID for other cases too, so that for example

my.plugin.bundle.VST3 is the bundle id for the MyPlugin.vst3/ VST3 bundle; and
my.plugin.bundle.AU is the bundle id for the MyPlugin.component/ AU bundle.

Or, if that’s not a sensible idea for whatever reason, is there some other way to approach this and get the same effect.