Polymorphic Plugins?

I am just a little confused with this, do I need to compile the same plug-in on both platforms i.e. PC and OS X? or can I just rename the PC compiled plug-in to .component or .vst and transfer it to the Mac and use it as an AU or Mac VST plugin?

At this stage I have the JuceDemo plugin working fine on the PC however when I re-name the suffix to .component in Mac OS it is not recognized as an AU plug-in.

No, it means you can build a single plug-in on PC and a single one on Mac, each of them implmenenting multiple plug-in formats

The PC one can then be renamed to .dll for being seen as a VST and to .dpm for a RTAS.

The Mac one can get .component, .vst or .dpm extension in order to be seen as a AU, VST or RTAS plug-in respectively.

Ok thanks! Appreciate it.

I’m still a bit confused… On OSX - can I just rename the target from a .component to a .vst?

Yes, that’s how I understand it, just try it !

Make sure to have specified #define JucePlugin_Build_VST 1 in JucePluginCharacteristics.h , and have the steinberg SDK in your search path.


Yes that’s the way it works (and I already had chance to try it, so if it’s not working at your place for some reason, you should be missing something)

The formats supported by the resulting binary will depend on the #defines you will specify in JucePluginCharacteristics.h

If you are interested in AU and VST, you should specify these:

#define JucePlugin_Build_VST 1
#define JucePlugin_Build_AU 1

[quote=“Salvator”]Yes, that’s how I understand it, just try it !


Yes, I just didn’t get a chance last night (first time I tried to build with new Xcode/latest Polymorphiic Juce etc) - I’ll give it a go :slight_smile:

I even got as far as Building and manually renaming files, but was scared-off when OSX queried my renaming a .component to .vst
I was convinced I was doing something illegal that would cause OSX to throw the toys from its pram