Different Flavors of VST/AU DAWs

Hey guys…Just wondering what are your approaches to the different Flavor of DAWS…Namely Machine and Reason. They seem not to adhere to the standard framework and so far we have not been able to get our plugins working for Reason (Windows) and Machine.

Can anyone share or gleam any specific things they had to update to get these two working?

I can tell you from my experience that my plugin works in pretty much all DAWs without changing anything in my code for a particular DAW. Well, except for Cubase and this issue:

Of course, Pro Tools has it’s own hoops to jump through just to get it to build, but not to actually run.

When you say “not been able to get our plugins working…”, what exactly happens? Have you tried running them in the debugger?

I get crashes from Machine and from Reason. All other major ones work. Also it doesn’t work in Akai. So I guess I should preface my statement with saying…Our products work in major DAWs, but struggle with the minor ones and I can confirm that Machine, Akai, and Reason all crash.

But where are they crashing?

Juce plugin wrapper should be robust enough so the problem lies in your own code.
So it’s a matter of init/deletion order in different thread, stuff like that.

Sounds like you could do with some more validation/testing? This is the reason I made pluginval: Anouncing "pluginval" an open-source cross-platform plugin validation tool, to replicate esoteric host behaviour and be able to test/fuzz in an automated way.

If you find any host specific weirdness let me know and I’ll try to add a test for it.
The more tests we have, the more bulletproof plugins will become :smiley: