Directx played movie in a juce window ... how?


i’m trying to play a directx movie in a juce window.
The control functions are inside a DLL and it’s all working perfect writing a normal c++ application. But with juce it’s different, I think there is an issue with the window handling …

Inside my juce document window I use: this->getPeer()->getNativeHandle() to get the hwnd. The window moves to upper left position of the screen when I open the movie and than it freezes …
So why it doesn’t work ?


How on earth could I know what your DLL is doing to the window?! If you get the HWND and the window jumps around, then it’s fair to assume that your code is moving it!

You could just use the built-in quicktime component instead, of course?

yes, funny … i know …
A simple question to you : is it possible to play a directx movie in a juce window ? And are there some things I specially need to know ?


Well yes, it’s possible of course, a juce window is just a normal window, and can have other windows embedded in it.

Maybe have a look at the ActiveXComponent maybe to see some of the tricks involved in pairing a heavyweight sub-window with a component.

cool, I will have a look at it.