Heavyweight windows and libvlc

I was experimenting with libvlc, and i got some results. I can render VLC video onto a JUCE component as long as it is on desktop (vlc needs the HWND handle to a window). That means i need to struggle with alwaysOnTop() stuff when managing such a window and so on. I was wondering if it’s possible to get a HWND handle to a child component of another JUCE component (i guess this would mean putting it on the desktop too). I was just wondering if it would be possible at all i know you do some similar stuff with the DirectShow and OpenGL components.

The GL and ActiveX comps embed a new HWND in the parent, and use that pointer. You could certainly use the same trick, but would have to write it yourself (actually not too hard to do).

Could you just point me to the source file in JUCE witch does that, i was looking through and didn’t really find it, but just point me to a file and i’ll look harder :slight_smile:

Actually, neither of those are a very good example - try having a look inside the DirectShowComponent code instead.

Got it, it works now without all the hiding and making the vlc window always on top, just a nice child component. This will complete my “in-car-porn-player” project with a “nice-touch-interface”.

I was wondering about DirectX components can we apply AffineTransforms on them ? will it work? (like rotation or zoom).

Sorry, not much chance of that, I’m afraid!

though so, not a problem i was just curious.